Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zoning in on Stress

I find it noteworthy to mention the many different health problems typically beleaguering call center agents. Having worked the phones for almost a year now, I too succumbed to these woes at certain times, which eventually led to my filing sick leaves when my circumstance got out of hand. And since getting sick often poses problems that could affect one's standing at work, it is only appropriate that effective measures be taken to address specific sickness issues. Of these, stress ranks as the most common.

As you may all know by now, idling at work for call center agents is never possible since we are constantly monitored by our team leaders/ supervisors. Being conscious of this automatically puts the pressure on us; by getting pressured, we become stressed. Though stress can work to our advantage, as it motivates us to put our best foot forward, too much of it can lead to adverse health consequences—the most debilitating and potentially immediate of which is burn-out. In the long run, excessive exposure to stress can lead to more palpable physical health problems like heart disease, erectile dysfunction, nervous breakdown, and fatigue, among others.

Doing away with stress totally is flat-out impossible. At best, we can manage it, so we don't get too exposed. But how? Until my next post people. I'm already nearing stress-overload and by this my mind could no longer function as well as it should. Besides, it's already late in the morning(LOL). Time to call it a day.

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