Friday, August 5, 2011

A Not-So-Hilarious Comedy

There would always be those days when nothing seems to go right. From one annoyance to another, each catastrophe(mundane but unquestionably unnerving still) brings with it another reason to validate the thought that first popped in my head the second I opened my eyes when I awoke: “I don't think I should go to work today.”

But as tempting as it is to stay in bed until the next morning and continue what should have been a beautiful dream that got interrupted just as it was starting, the demands of reality(bills, responsibilities, the need to keep the stability in my world, bills, family needs, bills, personal needs, and again more bills) forced me to get up and drag my heavy arse to the bathroom to ready myself for work.

When it rains, it pours.

The first booboo was an idiotic occurrence brought on by forcing myself to get out of bed when I barely slept: I drifted to sleep the moment my rump touched the throne. Though idiotically hilarious, the repercussions of this event resulted to a series of more unfortunate events that although rib-tickling to observers, were destructive on my part. When I realized what had happened, it turned out that I had fallen asleep for a good half hour while attending to the call of nature. Alarmed and fully awake, finally, I was left with only 10 minutes to prep myself—bath, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, fixing myself and my things—before my brother starts yelling that I get my butt in the car ASAP, as he himself is running late on a business appointment.

And just as I had expected, this nightly drama that plays itself out almost every work night, did take place. By the time I had just slipped into my clothes, my brother was already running frantically to the garage while yelling that I rush and be downstairs in half a minute. Without thinking, I grabbed my bag, headed downstairs, kissed Mom hastily before stepping out, and ran straight to the garage. As I was running, the thought that I missed or forgot something nagged at me. However, with the car wheeling out of the gate, I could not be bothered to even spare a second to think it through. Only when I was comfortably strapped to the front seat next to him, and we were already driving along Edsa that I found out what it was: I had forgotten to put on my shoes.

When it rains, it does pour—and the day had just begun...

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