Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Weather Got Me

I am not feeling very well today. Early this evening as I was about to get up, I felt feverish and nauseous. Though the thought of absenting myself for tonight's shift crossed my mind, I opted not to, thinking that I would feel better after a hot shower and a steaming cup of coffee. Well, my spirit did get lifted a little. On the whole, I felt a bit better and even managed to get through the rituals of readying myself for work.. Upon getting to the office, however, the nausea and bad feeling resurfaced. I found myself struggling to fulfill my tasks. I felt so out of it that attempting to concentrate was futile. I want to write something more substantial for today's post, but sad to say, this feeling of “being under the weather” has gone from bad to worse and now...Until my next post, guys. My hips are screaming for rest, and my senses are all on red alert. I am left with no choice but to call it a day.

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