Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you cut out to be a call center agent?

Beating the summer heat could never be done more practically than visiting job fairs situated in the many malls dotting the metropolis. Rather than idling around and killing time by window shopping, why not make the most out of the free time by looking for good job opportunities?

Fresh grads or college students wanting to get a cool job experience as call center agents, can really benefit from job fairs. ITI Philippines, as part of its on-going expansion, participates in several job fairs this summer(For schedules, please refer to previous blog entry.). They have lots of seats available for aspiring call center agents.

How does your English sound?

Speaking English in almost the same fashion as native speakers do is the name of the game. But with ITI Philipinnes, even if your English is not that up to par just yet, they would still open their doors to you and give you the right training needed before setting you off on a regular career as a call center agent. En route, you can personally brush up on your English speaking skills with these easy do-it-yourself tips:

  • Get started with self-evaluation.

    Given that it is hard to stay objective in evaluating your own English speaking skills at best, you should solicit the help of a trusted friend to evaluate you. If this is not possible, however, try recording yourself speaking in English. All you have to do is choose a specific paragraph in English to read aloud. Then record using your cell phone or any available gadget you have capable of doing the job. After recording, play back and listen closely. Jot down your own assessment of how you sound like as you speak. For this, take note of your diction, particularly your pronunciation and grammar.

  • Work on developing your speech skills.

    After objectively evaluating yourself, the next step is to address your weak points. If you have trouble with pronunciation, practice more and listen to English conversations to learn how words are spoken. If it is grammar, give yourself a refresher course by poring over your English books(even those you had during your elementary years would do). To better familiarize you in preparation for the interview and the actual job, practice talking in English with your friend.

Interested in a call center career? Want to get more helpful pointers directly? Questions? You can email me at Also, check out the cool job openings of ITI Philippines. If you're up to it, you can directly send them your resume at


  1. Call Center Agents perform better under a rewards program.

  2. Thanks Arvin call center is my life and I love my job :D

  3. I beg to disagree Ms. Christina^^ .

  4. Yeah your right mitoh, but most of call center agent are fluent and eloquent.

  5. Interesting contention Mitoh. Can you expound why?

  6. you're pretty hot.

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