Friday, July 22, 2011

Guts, Age, and Being a Call Center Agent

These days, when it comes to being a call center agent age is never an issue. Whether you are just a 17-year old fresh out of high school lass/lad or a retired 45+ year old in need of a good paying job to supplement the family income, call center companies, especially ITI Philippines, keep their doors wide open for you. Just like in love, age has nothing to do with how you would fare in this line of work. It all boils down to your determination to step up to the plate and live up to company expectations.

Scared of having to communicate continuously in English? Don't be. Although this is common (I myself was on the verge of fainting during my first conversation with an American customer.), speaking English fluently is easily attainable given the right training and effort, particularly on the part of the trainee. Good thing, at ITI, they gave us the right kind of training needed, which was handled by the best trainers who set us off on the right path towards becoming successful call center agents. They laid the ground work for my acquiring the needed skills for the job. To further ensure that I reach my goal, I diligently practiced on my own by conversing with my pals in English, and brushing up on my grammar skills by reading more materials written in English.

Last but not the least, I mustered every ounce of courage I got to do what needed to be done. Well, every challenge questions our abilities and degree of personal courage. Without the latter, however, no ability, regardless of how great it is, would ever become useful. Why? Letting our fear of rejection or failure overtake us automatically impedes our progress because it keeps us from using our abilities to the fullest. Even if we trained ourselves hard, bleeding ourselves to death just so that we can get exactly the right kind of skills and training for the job we want, in my case as a call center agent, if we do not have the guts to apply them, then it all amounts to nothing. Makes sense, right?

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  2. Thanks to ITI Philippines for offering a great opportunity to be a call center agent. So, there is no per requirement about ages, good, But is there any other requirement necessary to be a call center agent? I mean my location or something else?

    Robert Kaiser

  3. Hi . Just asking if they hired 17yrs old turning 18 this october . Nung july 2011 pa po kasi to . 2016 na po .